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"Hello, two-legged beings!  
Since 29.3.2014 I am officialy stud dog! I am also Czech champion, Czech grand champion and Interchampion.  
My health: PRA-A, EU-A, HD-0/0, ED-0/0, OECD-Negative, Eye examination - no defects.  

Entlebucher mountain dog Orion

Welcome to my website!

My name’s Orion and I’m an Entlebucher Mountain Dog (even though my official name you’d find in my pedigree is Arlek Zahrada snů). With three two-legged members of our pack I live in Čáslav, a small town in Central Bohemia. They love me so much they made this website just about me! Check out what makes me so special not only to them and surf through all the interesting info regarding my health, temperament, personality etc. Also, don’t miss my dog show results, lots of photos, my favourite activities and of course contact details of my owners. Woof!